Antifa for the last time?

The wave of anti-fascist protests in Germany represents the last chance to prevent a fascist crisis regime. 02.02.2024 The currently unfolding anti-fascist mass movement seems to be a liberation from the leaden heaviness of years of fascization. Like a mass awakening, millions of people are realizing how far the New Right has already spread into

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Why anti-fascism?

The fight against the „authoritarian revolt“ of the New Right has a central role to play in the full-blown systemic crisis. A German perspective. Tomasz Konicz, 31.12.2023 Where do all the rightwing populists and right-wing extremists that are increasingly dominating Germany’s and Europe’s political landscape come from? Contrary to popular belief, they do not come

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Captain Ancap is watching you!

The election victory of self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist Javier Milei is being celebrated by right-wing libertarians around the world. This neoliberal extremism is successful because other ways of tackling the worsening crisis have failed – not just in Argentina. jungle world, 14.12.2023 (slightly updated here) Finally a revolutionary that the German bourgeoisie can get on board with!

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New Old World Order?

22.06.2023, Tomasz KoniczCan state-capitalist China inherit the United States’ position as global hegemon? If the Russian-Chinese summit declarations and Western assessments are to be believed, the 21st century will be defined as an era of Chinese hegemony. At their Moscow war summit in mid-March, Putin and Xi advocated a “just multipolar world order” that would

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Keynesianism in Crisis

Tomasz Konicz, 17.06.2023. Originally published on oekumenisches-netz.de in 02/2023While many elements of Keynesian economic policy are used in the day-to-day crisis, post-Keynesianism is running wild as an ideology on the German left. Whether they are stock-conservative market disciples[1] or staid social-democratic trade unionists,[2] in times of crisis, they are all Keynesians. In every crisis episode

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China: Multiple Crises Instead of Hegemony

Why the state-capitalist People’s Republic will not be able to succeed the USA as a hegemonic power konicz.info, 19.03.2023 Launched in 2013, the New Silk Road, Beijing’s ambitious investment program in developing and emerging countries, was supposed to usher in an era of Chinese hegemony and make the 21st century a Chinese century – after

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The Alternative Imperialists

January 23, 2023 It is becoming increasingly clear that the capitalist catastrophe is looming. The left should fight for an emancipatory outcome. Even before all the ideology, megalomania, and opportunism emerged, many left-wing contributions to the debate on Ukraine suffered from a fundamental logical misconception. Much has been written that assumes an easy way out

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The Walking Debt

Tomasz Konicz, January 3, 2023Over-indebtedness, inflation, the threat of recession and impotent politicians: the current wave of crises is likely to take full hold even in the western centers of the capitalist world system New decade, new crisis? In mid-June, the European currency area, which had already been on the verge of collapse in the

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The Necessary Break

Tomasz Konicz, 12.08.2022 The Climate Movement Needs Anti-Capitalist Guardrails for Its Coming Actions The climate movement should not be afraid of being accused of radicalism. Given the civilization-threatening dimensions of the climate crisis, solving this monstrous problem is a matter of sheer collective will to survive. It is obvious that global capitalism, in its unbridled

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Embrace the Chaos

26.07.2022, Tomasz Konicz The cruel lobbying and business practices of the app-based ­transport service ­Uber are in line with its brutal business model. And they are an expression of the processes of barbarism in the ­centers ­caused by the crisis. Some 124,000 internal documents comprise the so-called Uber Files, leaked to the press by Mark

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