The stupidity coefficient of the Left

by Tomasz Konicz

Stupidity is the best ally of leftist opportunism, the current crisis proves it once again

Capitalism or death? In an interview published in December 2019, the famous American Marxist David Harvey made it very clear, with depressing frankness, what Marx’s theory can quickly degenerate into, when, after decades, we continue to sovereignly ignore the systemic crisis, and consequently do not shape an adequate concept of crisis. Revolution? A ‚communist fantasy”, we no longer live in the 19th century. Capital is ‚too big to fail”, it has become too necessary, and therefore we cannot afford its collapse. On the other hand, things need to be ‚kept moving,” since otherwise ‚we would almost all starve to death.” And there is also a need for us to invest our time in ‚reviving” this capital, Harvey says. Perhaps a gradual reconfiguration of capital could be worked on slowly, but a ‚revolutionary overthrow” is something that ‚cannot and must not happen”; and we must also actively work to ensure that it does not. At the same time, in the end the Marxist professor also noted that capital has become ‚too big, too monstrous” to survive. In short, it would be a ’suicidal path.”


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