Nearly 200 inhabitants of Upper Silesia fought in the civil war in Spain. Although their region was then divided between Poland, Czechoslovakia and Germany, they did not surrender to nationalist propaganda, but chose a common struggle – for democracy and social rights. Many of them died in Spain, many felt the bitterness of defeat. It is worth recalling them when the dark clouds of nationalism gather over Europe again… That`s why we want to make a documentary about them – and therefore we ask for your support.

In the movie „Fist and Dynamite“ (duration: 45 minutes) we intend to use the memories of the Silesian participants of the war in Spain, archival photographs and footage, songs from that period, and fictional scenes (with the help of historical reenactors).

Why „Fist and Dynamite“? Fist – because volunteers did not hesitate to face fascism in the battlefield, dynamite – most of these volunteers were Silesian miners.

The film is connected with a wider project of restoring the memory of the „rebellious history of Silesia“, a region which is industrial and multinational in its history. Within our framework we realized a film „Rebellious Silesia. A story about the history of social struggles in Silesia“.

After completing the film, „Fist and Dynamite“ would be promoted both on the internet and on the screenings connected with the discussion. Movie versions with German, Czech, English and Spanish subtitles would also be prepared.


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