„Erdogan’s aim is regional dominance“

Telepolis, 11.10.2019

Counter-terrorism expert Chuck Pfarrer, former Commander at SEAL Team SIX, about the situation in Syria and the United States

Chuck Pfarrer is a former Assault Element Commander at SEAL Team SIX, and a veteran of more than 150 combat operations in the Middle East. He has written Op Ed for the New York Times and appeared as an author and counter-terrorism expert on CNN, Fox, CSPAN2, NPR, Al Hurra, IPR, Voice of America, ABC, Sirius Media and MSNBC. Pfarrer was one of the early amateur cartographers of the Syrian Civil War, and he is an expert in counter-proliferation and global salafist jihad. He reported from Kabul and Bagram on the Afghan Air Force.

Link: https://www.heise.de/tp/features/Erdogan-s-aim-is-regional-dominance-4551927.html

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